Poetry #2

Lieve …,

Vandaag een gedicht over de nacht, hope you like it!

Knuffels ❤ ,


In the middle of the night,

when the world around me has slowly become dark,

when the sounds and voices of the day have died,

the sky filled with glinstering sparks.


When my mind wakes up in the quiet peace,

able to process the day and its thoughts.

With my body finally at ease,

what are the odds,

that daytime will ever feel like this?

Serene, relaxed, confident,

everybody minding their own business,

My personal time to vent.


With everyone asleep,

I can just be me.

Diving in deep,

into the most comfortable that I can be.


Taking off the mask,

My thoughts in line again,

dealing with the day that has passed.


So every time when,

people ask me why I go to sleep so late,

tell me my rythm isn’t well,

I’ll explain that I’m just processing the weight,

that the day has stuck on me like gel,

in the hair of my existence.


I’ll tell them 3 AM knows all my secrets.

And with a little persistence,

I’ll cope, I’ll survive, probably sleepless.

Making early mornings feel like hell.


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